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     The natural world has always fascinated me. In childhood my imaginary friends were a rabbit and a turtle. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a time when children could wander through woods and fields (and when there were still woods and fields) without being over-protected and mercilessly scheduled and "helicoptered". I took advantage of it. College gave me a biology major and grad school a degree in ecology; then followed careers in the field.

     At the same time photography fascinated me. My first camera was a Kodak box camera at the age of nine. I've never been without a camera since.

     I hope that my photographs can convey the sense of wonder and joy and transcendence that I experience through the natural world. I hope that they will be perceived as beautiful and at the same time inspire great admiration and wonder for our world.


   by mail: Dennis Kalma, 103 Spear Road, Willsboro NY  12996

   by email:

   by phone: 518-524-2309 -- leave a text message or a voice mail

   follow on facebook at: Dennis Kalma Nature Photography


and more ...   a list of plants from the Boquet River watershed and a compilation of travels I've had the fortune to make.

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