Animals and Plants in the Adirondacks

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Indian Pipes, or Ghost Pipes

Monotropa uniflora

10x10"   $49-$61


(Northern Leopard Frog)

Rana pipiens

8x6"   $38-$51

Red Fox

Vulpes fulva

8x10"   $43-$63

(unlike most of my photos, this one has been modified to make it appear as if it were an impressionistic painting)

Apple Blossom Collage

8x12"   $49-$61

16x24"   $133-$159

White Water Lily #7

8x12"   $49-$62

   16x24"   $133-$159


8x12"   $49-$61

White Water Lily #6

16"x20"   $112-$141

unlike most of my photographs, this one has been altered

Asters & Monarch

8x12"   $49-$61

Great Blue Herons

16x16"   $93-$121