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This is sort of a miscellaneous page. There is a list of travels away from the Adirondacks and also a species list of plants in the Boquet River watershed (in Essex County, New York State. Click on the buttons or thumbnails to go to those pages.

One of the first things I did when I moved to Willsboro was to start keeping a list of all the plants I'd seen in the Boquet River watershed. Stretching back many years now it is a fairly complete list for the trees, shrubs, and most of the flowering plants. Because of my work it also came to be fairly complete for the Cyperaceae, but sadly less so for the Poaceae. At present (August 2021) it contains about 600 species. The species listed are either native or aliens living on their own - no cultivated plants are included although a few of the species listed may be escapes from old homesteads.

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