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Please come into the site and look around.

The Adirondacks are my home and most of these photos are either of landscapes in the park or of the plants and animals that live there. There are also some from travels to other parts of the world. Please use the buttons above to visit these sections of the site.

 I apologize for the light digital watermark on the photos. Digital piracy is an unfortunate fact of life. Should you wish to purchase one of the photos it will, of course, not have a watermark.

All of my photos are done by professional printer on aluminum plates. The process results in images that are both durable (no need to hide them behind glass) and luminous, more like an image of transmitted light than an image printed on paper.


To make these prints the image is transferred to the sheet of aluminum by a process called heat sublimation. The image is printed on a special paper, the paper is laid on the aluminum, then they are heated together under high pressure until the pigments printed on the paper vaporize and transfer to the aluminum. The resulting aluminum print has deep, lustrous, saturated colors with a matte surface.

These prints are more durable than those on paper. They are moisture resistant and can be hung in a bathroom. They are much more resistant to light fading than prints on paper.

Look around. Details about hanging options, prices, ordering, and shipping can be found through the button at the bottom of each section.

The button below will take you to some additional images that I've added as slides just for fun. I can process them as printed images if there is any interest.

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